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The freshest seafood prepared simply, highlighting the flavor, texture and variety of all the good things that come from our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Fine Oysters       Fish        Steak
Tempest Oyster Bar is a seafood restaurant specializing in fresh fish, lobster, crab & oysters.  

tem·pest /ˈtɛmpɪst/ [tem-pist]  
1. a violent sea storm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow. 

Summer Restaurant Week 2016 is nearly upon us; Sunday July 17th through Saturday 23rd.
She-Crab Soup
Broiled Oysters with Tarragon Marrow butter
Smoke Whitefish Salad Louie

Pan Fried Whitefish
Strip Steak with Lobster
Swordfish with Kale Succotash

Key Lime Pie
Cherry Rhubarb Crisp
Creme Caramel
& More!
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